Thursday, July 05, 2007

For the past month or so I've been tinkering with a WordPress version of this blog. I've finally come to a stage where I think it might be worth opening it up for people to look at and see if it's worth going over there permanently.

The main reason I want to transfer over is the ability to write pages and have the ability to edit them. Otherwise, it's basically the same, bar the variety of layouts. After the last two posts, and using all the 'code names' for the people I was referencing to, I took a leaf from Neil, at Lines from a Floating Life, who has a "Who's Who?" page explaining who are all of his referenced people. I thought that this was a great idea, and finally moved everything over to WordPress, created the pages and stuff that I've done so far, and am thinking of going over there full time.

Though, then again, it's pretty easy to update both blogs at once, so perhaps I'll write on both of them and let the readers pick. Anyway, here's the link (very original I must say):

Feedback appreciated etc.



Anonymous said...

Hey, did you know your WP blog is "protected" at the moment? That is, no-one can see it...

Thomas said...

Yes, and for a good reason. I still had to make some changes, and only just finished them now. I posted that rather hastily, though, when I realised that the edits were going to take a while longer, I couldn't really be bothered to go back and hide the post. Go crazy now.