Friday, August 11, 2006

My latest email from Mr. Kian

Dear EDF/015 /Clayton Northcutt,

How are you and your Family?

I need you to email me as per payment you are to recieve from my customer, if he has contacted you or issued out payment to you on behalf of our Company.

We hope to get your email soon.
Mr.Teo Kian

Would it be too presumptuous to ask for cash? Actually, I wonder what he/they would say:

Dear. Mr. Kian

My family, alas, were killed in a polar-bear attack last time they were visiting Antarctica, so I expect that they are well.

I have had no contact with any customer or such and would prefer any payments in cash. Alas I have received no product lists or price list of which I can show to my associates and offer them these counterfeit fridges. Is it possible for you to send me one on your supplier's behalf?

Wishing you a more blissful day,
EDF/015 /Clayton Northcutt

I eagerly await his response.

Clayton Northcutt.

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